Next time your nose & sinuses are super stuffy come back to this post for the effective Chinese herbal formula that will clear it all up in under an hour! Cold, Flu, Allergies -herbs work for all of them!  😷

😕 You’re already wondering how the heck can “herbs” clear up a stuffy nose??!  That’s a fairly normal response in 2016. ✔

👏   My patients are often surprised when the herbs they take work. Lol. After all, herbs are things like Ginger, Mint and Turmeric and those are just foods right?  ✔
❤️  Yes AND herbs are also things like Cang Er Zi (Xanthium Fruit), Xin Yi Hua (Flos Magnoliae), Bai Zhi (Radix Angelicae Dahuricae) -ALL PLANTS!!  🌳

💪 I’ve given these herbs to patients again and again and watched as their sinuses clear in under an hour.

🔬  Herbs were used medically 200 years ago AND are STILL used today by more people in the world than pharmaceuticals.

“Sinus Clear” as I call it, is based on a formula of herbs (Bi Yan Pian) well known in Asian and Europe and used for hundreds of years.  I’ve adapted Bi Yan Pian to better suit 2016 humans. It’s available on and has 2 day shipping with a Prime account!

There are 11 herbs (my lucky #!) in my adapted formula “Sinus Clear”. The original Chinese mix Bi Yan Pian has 6-8 herbs.
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The first 3 herbs in the formula are Cang Er Zi (Xanthium Fruit), Xin Yi Hua (Flos Magnoliae), Bai Zhi (Radix Angelicae Dahuricae).

Let’s talk a little about Cang Er Zi Xanthium Fruit.

  • Opens the Nasal Passages and Alleviates Pain and other sinus symptoms.
  • Colds, Flu, Allergies -this is a great herb for relieving sinus congestion.
  • For sinus or nasal problems with symptoms such as blocked nasal passages, rhinitis, sinusitis, thick and turbid nasal discharge, or loss of sense of smell.
  • For intense sinus headaches that may or may not radiate to the back of the head or neck. Great for Sinus Congestion at night.
  • Dispels Wind Dampness in the Muscles and Skin
  • For Painful obstruction (Bi Zheng), and spasms and cramps in the muscles.
  • For rash and itching due to skin disorders.

*Remember to take a substantial dose especially on your first dose. Depending on body weight, 6-10 capsules is a good first dose.

EFFECTIVE SINUS RELIEF: Sinuses cleared and Headache gone, you’re back to life with gusto! Non-drowsy, natural, drug-free herbal formula promotes nasal and sinus health using 11 natural herbs

REDUCE SEASONAL DISCOMFORT:  Beat the seasonal allergy attacks & stuffy nose naturally!  Ingredients like Cocklebur, Magnolia and Feng Fang provide nasal congestion relief. Sinus herbs are for sinus pain.  Very effective sinus medicine & sinus headache medicine

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Cang Er Zi (Xanthium Fruit), Xin Yi Hua (Flos Magnoliae), Jie Geng (Platycodon grandiflorus), Lian Qiao (Forsythia Fruit), Bai Zhi (Radix Angelicae Dahuricae), Gan Cao (Radix Glycyrrhizae), Wu Wei Zi (Fructus Schisandrae), Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena Rhizome), Ye Ju Hua (Flos Chrysanthemi Indici), Fang Feng (Radix Saposhnikoviae), Jing Jie (Schizonepeta)


Are constipation natural remedies beneficial?

Are you trying to escape from the constipation by making use of an effective solution? Understand that you are not alone as it being common medical issues in the western world. Fortunately, there are myriads of constipation natural remedies that cures in a fast pace. Prior, understand what constipation is before spending lot of money to address it.

What is constipation?

Our digestive system will start functioning to break down those foods we consume, so that our body will begin to absorb water and all the nutrients. However, those left out food which cannot be broken by the digestive system becomes as stool. Once it is formed, the intestine muscles will start to function and push it out through colon and rectum.


This entire process must takes place naturally and easily. When you suffer out of constipation, the intestinal muscles that performs pushing the stool through colon and rectum is not properly functioning, and due to its lacking in performance, you experience irregular bowel movement making the stool more dry and hard, making it very difficult to pass through rectum.

Tips to get rid of constipation naturally and immediately

There are several distinct ways suggested online to get rid of constipation. But trying those solutions, it is good to know what sort of constipation you are experiencing as based upon which addressing your issue becomes simple and easier. Kindly understand that solution that worked well for your near one, may not work for you as every human body is unique.

It is quite natural that those who suffer out of sever consequences due to constipation, will rush to nearby drugstore to buy laxatives as it is not only convenient but offer an immediate solution. But, such solutions are not a long-term cure as it will lead you to a stage where its consumption being inevitable to have a bowel movement. But, natural remedies for constipation are generally a long-term cure, which in due course of time can be stopped.


The major benefit of natural remedies for constipation is that it would not lead you to any sort of side effects unlike drugstore laxatives as it would create quite harmful effects to your body. Drugstore laxatives may lead you to face drowsiness, vomiting, increased level of thirsty, nausea and even more.

Unlike constipation natural remedies, those harmful drugstore laxatives push the food you consume through the digestive system in a speedy pace, which makes the body to miss the absorption of good nutrients and water, leading you to feel tired and drowsy.

Another benefit is that natural remedies for constipation such as mild and moderate herbal laxatives will not only assist you in curing constipation but also aid in overall health improvement. It prevents you from any further constipation bounds. It is good to mix the herbal ingredients such as certified organic clove, flax seeds, black seeds, and slippery elm in a proportion and consume it regularly for the best results. Combining all these herbal remedies together as a mixture will assist you to get rid of your constipation in a quick turnaround than consuming each of it individually.

Are Chinese herbs for acne treatment good?

All around the world, many of them suffer out of moderate to severe acne issues, claiming that they have given a try of all sorts of skin treatment, which paid them no results. Few of them give a try to creams, masks, cleansers and other sorts of tropical products to get rid of this acne, and a few others go for diets, detox cleanses and eating programs, but finally nothing found to be working so far. Fortunately, the Chinese herbal treatment is an absolute solution providing an approach to treat acne and listed below are the major reason that states how it works for you.


Herbs works both topically and internally

One should understand that acne healing must happen “within”. While researching about the root cause for the acne formation, everyone comes with the answers that it is due to hormone imbalance, diet and so. As all these factors affect the whole body, the true solution must address the entire body and that’s herbs for acnes will do with combating internally the root cause of the problem. Few add-ons that you can give a try are Herbal creams, toners or serums and offer more immediate healing to the skin. Internal and topical herbal treatments in a combination will the most effective approach to attain long-term results.

Individualized treatment

There are not many choices for treating acne internally in case of western medicine approach, either you will be prescribed with birth control pills, isotretinoin or antibiotics to treat out of which the latter has severe adverse effects.

But a good choice of herbalists will try to combat the problem taking into account your whole health wellness. They consider all the aspects including the background for the redness, whether the skin is shiny or greasy, is there any existence of cysts, pustules, pimples or all combined, where it is situated, what are the other symptoms accompanied with it, the age of the patient, what are the other factors such as drinking, smoking, diet or stress being experienced by the patient and so.


Hence, herbalists through determining the whole health under Chinese medicine,  which is referred as “patterns of imbalance” offers treatment specifically to each patient that targets their specific patterns to change and evolve.

Chinese herbs are completely safe

The Chinese herbal treatment leaves little to no side effects, unlike pharmaceutical medicines which leads to serious side effects. It is not so that anything that can heal you contains no harm, still if you depend upon a good choice of the Chinese herbalist with enough experience, you can be sure that you can get rid of acne without any adverse effects.

Quick tips to get relief from Sinus Headache

When you suffer out of Sinus headache, you will feel a pain and pressure due to clogged sinuses above your nose and the space between your eyes. If you undergo right treatment for it, you can get sinus headache relief, but before which you have to understand the cause of such discomfort.


When you experience Sinusitis headache, due to the pressure you experience around the sinuses in forehead, especially between and behind the eyes and above the nose, you may feel like lying down or bending or to be in a movement. These regions become tender to touch and you feel pain if you do so. It pain is the only symptom you experience, then there are likely chances that may not be a sinus headache too, as it generally accompanied by other symptoms such as

  • Stuffy nose
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Nasal discharge
  • Fatigue

Treatment for Sinus Headache

It is always good to consult a doctor for sinus headache relief in order to understand the best way to treat your pain and identify the underlying reason for such issue. At the same time, you might try any of the below ways to address Sinus headache


Drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen sodium or acetaminophen may help. It is recommended that always you practice to read the label and follow accordingly. You should not use them exceeding 10 days at a stretch and if pain exist even then directly talk to your doctor.


These drugs can be purchased without a prescription can assist to open your congested sinus cavities. They curb the swelling and mucus present in the nasal passages; thereby you can have a easy breathing. Adhere to the instructions specified carefully. It is not recommended to make use of a decongestant spray exceeding 3 days in a stretch as it could worsen the condition. Also, it is not good to go with oral decongestants for more than seven days. It is not advisable to take both decongestant and painkiller together.

Nasal steroid sprays


In some instances, your medical practitioner may suggest you to go with sprays and other drugs to combat congestion and pain.


These drugs may assist you to get rid of pain and pressure around sinus if the problem is due to some allergies


Your sinuses may feel the irritation if dry air prevails around the region. Hence, you can make use of a vaporizer or humidifier. Other options are to make use of a wet warm towel over your face and holding it for a while or making use of saline nasal spray solution.

Salt water

To moist the sinuses, you can get a bulb syringe and flush out salt water in to it. It clears the mucus in the nasal passages and cut downs the pressure around the sinuses, thus you can stay relieved from the pain.


Are Natural Laxatives really good?

Laxatives are being used for long span of time to treat constipation as it will provide quick and easy relief. Even though laxatives look like a quick solution, if is frequently used or used in an improper way, it can become addictive and the user may face struggle to come out of constipation problems without its use. Also, it is good to rely upon natural laxative as it includes various benefits when compared to other choices such as a stool softener, saline laxatives, enemas and suppositories and so on.


As there are several choices of laxatives available in the market and each one slightly differs in the way of functioning and they vary in degrees of success. So, if you are suffering out of constipation and wish to depend upon a choice of laxative, it is recommended first you clearly understand how they work.

How Natural Laxatives work?

All Natural laxatives are generally stimulant laxatives which are being widely used by most of the people who face issues related to constipation. This is basically a self-prescribed medication that is capable of offering quick relief against constipation. This natural stimulant laxative is available either in liquid form or as a pill that includes active natural ingredients that are absolutely earth grown.

They are really a good option as it improves the contractions of the muscle in the intestinal wall. These muscle contractions are responsible for wastes to move for evacuation along to the rectum. Most used active ingredients in these natural laxatives are bisacodyl, cascara and senna. These components stimulate the muscle contractions directly in the intestinal walls. It also assists in expelling parasites through initiating wavelike action in the lower intestines.


These natural laxatives are highly recommended for removing parasites. You can expect positive results using this stimulant laxative within six to twenty four hours after consumption. You can expect an early and quick relief against constipation. If it is used in a proper way, it helps you to strengthen muscles of the colon, which is being used for elimination of stool.

Benefits of Natural Laxatives

The major benefits of natural laxatives are listed below

  • They are safe and effective
  • They will not lead you to any sort of side effect
  • They prevent you from constipation
  • They protect you from having strenuous bowel movement
  • They increase the muscle contractions in the intestinal wall

Risks involved in Natural Laxatives

Even though they are quick and effective against constipation issues, if you practice to take it on a regular basis, it may worsen the constipation. Also, natural laxative may be a useful remedy for constipation but may not be substitution approach for consuming enough fiber, drinking ample level of fluid, practicing regular exercise that can also combat your constipation in a healthy way. If you are under medication for any sort of medical ailment or facing a severe constipation, it is good to have a word with your doctor to know which sort of laxative is good to opt for you.

How herbs for immune system can be good for your health?

If you wish to stay away from harmful medications to fight against diseases, it is mandatory for every one of us to own and maintain a strong and healthy immune system. A sound immune system in a human being will fight off distinct diseases caused due to free radicals and microorganisms.Poor immune system is said to be the reason behind the deterioration of distinct organs in the human body and also there are more chances of severe diseases to attack.


It is quite natural that our immune system will not be completely functioning at birth, but as we get older the immune system gets more sophisticated and starts defending other alien invaders including toxins and free radicals. In order to boost up the immune system, you can try consuming natural herbal immune system booster.

Tips to boost the immune system

There are several herbs for immune system improvement which includes

  • Fenugreek, licorice, Bayberry, hawthorn and red clover can enhance the immune system. Especially astragalus improves the immune system and prevents the body through anticancer cells generation, still avoid taking it during fever.
  • Even boxthorn seed, Ginseng, wisteria and suma will aid in improving the immune system and in the generation of anticancer properties.
  • Dandelion, milk thistle and black radish elevate the functioning of the liver and assists in cleansing the bloodstream and liver.


  • Ginkgo biloba is an effective antioxidant, helps in improved blood circulation to the entire body and especially to the brain.
  • Goldenseal includes antibacterial properties that improves the immune system functioning and assists in cleansing the body.
  • Echinacea boosts up the immune system and enhance lymphatic system. Thus, you can add these effective herbs for immune system improvement in your routine lifestyle.

Tips recommended improving the immune system

Apart from consuming natural herbal immune system booster, you should avoid consuming salt processed foods, saturated fat, processed salt and sugar, microwave foods, genetically modified foods, canned foods, pesticide ridden food and especially junk foods and sodas as they will weaken the immune system worse.

There is no need to search for best supplements for immune system, if you try to intake a routine diet that includes high fiber and all nutritional values in it.

  • Organic vegetables and fruits include thousands of micro nutrients which helps you to stay with a stronger immune system. Apart from consuming organic vegetables and fruits, you should consume food items that offer a rich source of vitamins and minerals as they are mandatory for owning a good immune system.
  • Similarly, intake of the recommended dosage of zinc is also required to boost up the immune system. Zinc in right level will helps you speed up the wound healing.
  • It is good to avoid consuming red meat and animal products as it will not augment much in immune system improvement.
  • It is good to go for fasting and cleansing program once in a every month to aid your body to escape from free radicals and toxins.


  • Equivalent to the importance given for consuming supplements for immune system improvement, one has to show interests on performing regular exercises such as yoga and fast walk as it eradicates toxins, stress and enhances blood circulation.
  • Similarly, as equal to your physical status, your mental status can also have an impact on your immune system. An optimistic mind can assist you in improved functioning of the immune system.
  • Better avoid consuming excessive amount of drugs and antibiotics as it significantly suppress your defending systems.
  • While dental filings, don’t opt for mercury filings as it will weaken your immune system. Toxic metals such as fluoride present in tap water, lead in women’s cosmetic items can weaken the immune system. So, it is recommended to opt for other better alternates for these requirements.


Symptoms of severe constipation and natural remedies for constipation

The term constipation means to be distinct things to distinct people. For several sections of people who suffer out of constipation are just infrequent stools. For others who suffer out of severe constipation experience hard stools, strenuous while passing stools and most of the time they feel incomplete emptying after every bowel movement.

On medical terms, constipation is defined as lesser than 3 stools in a week and the term severe constipation means lesser than a stool in a week. In general, constipation is caused due to the stool slow movement through the colon.


Due to various reasons, constipation may be caused in a person, which includes poor bowel habits, hormonal disorders, medications, low fiber diets and may be due to abuse of laxatives. It may also happen due to other diseases affected to the distinct parts of the body that also primarily affect colon. Especially, in case of pregnant ladies, due to presence of progesterone and estrogen in high levels, they may experience constipation.

It is recommended that in case of sudden onset of constipation that is of severe and worsening nature to consult a medical practitioner for thorough evaluation. Also, it is associated with few other worrisome issues like weight loss or simple and safe treatments taken out to overcome these symptoms are in vain.


Few symptoms that reveal the constipation in a person are

  • Discomfort in lower abdomen
  • Bowel movement will not be frequent
  • Bowel movement will be too strenuous
  • Small or hard stools
  • Anal fissures along with or rectal bleeding happened due to hard stools
  • Obsession and / or physiological suffering to have bowel movements

While medical evaluation of constipation, apart from physical examination, blood tests, colonic transit studies, colonic motility studies, defecography, anorectal motility studies will be done. The major reason for offering constipation therapy is strain-less one bowel movement per two or three days.

There are several natural remedies for constipation is available which are potential to give quick relief and such treatments are as close as their kitchen.

Sesame seeds

If you have dry stools which you find difficult while bowel movement, then sesame seeds is the best natural remedy that will sure to work out.


The oily composition of this seeds will help in maintenance moisture content in the intestines and thus makes your bowel movement happen easily without any strain. One can add this sesame seeds to their salads or cereals for crunch or sprinkle as a seasoning to their food after pulverizing it in a coffee grinder.


Every day before going to bed, if one practice to take one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses, the bowel movement will be easy by morning. As blackstrap molasses is boiled and three time concentric, it includes significant minerals, vitamins and especially magnesium that assist one to get relieve from constipation.

Fiber-rich food

Fiber rich foods are good to get rid of constipation as it acts as a pipe cleaner which washes away all wastes through scrubbing food from the digestive tract. Fiber-rich food includes lentils, beans, barley, almonds, dried fruits, bran cereals. It is recommended to consume 25 to 30 grams of fiber in one’s diet to stay regular.

Ginger tea or Mint

Both Mint and Ginger are considered to be highly effective constipation natural remedies in alleviating slew of digestion issues.Both have antispasmodic effect which helps in relaxation of digestive tract. One can give a try to Dandelion tea which is also a good detoxifier and gentle laxative.

Apart from these, one can try consuming healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados and nuts that lubricate the intestines and thus makes the constipation happen easier. Even lemon water and coffee can help to get rid of constipation related issues as they have a laxative effect.